6 Reasons Why We Say “Absolutely!” (and 1 reason why not)

The life of a marketer can be stressful. You’ve got tons on your plate and a lot riding on your productivity. Deadlines, budgets, and KPIs. And how’s that love-hate relationship with sales going for you?

We get it! When it comes to getting the most out of every effort and each asset, you may wonder what priority you should put on copywriting. Is copywriting an in-house necessity? If so, how do you hire for it? Or should you delegate it to a nice-to-have outsourced function, only if the project budget and timeline allow? Are you sacrificing quality without it? What’s the right choice for your marketing operation?

Our answer to ‘Do I need a copywriter?’ is a resounding “Absolutely!”

Here are our 6 reasons why copywriting should be a priority to maximize the effectiveness of all your marketing assets.

6 Resounding Reasons Why You Need Copywriting

1. Because Your Brand Needs It!

Branding and design simply cannot exist without words. And the right words, at that. A copywriter will bring your brand proposition to life in every marketing asset you create. The skilled copywriter knows how to speak specifically to your ideal audience with words and phrases that they can understand and relate to. They know how to explain what it is you’re offering while appealing to their need for a solution that’s right for them.

2. Because Your Messaging Needs a Voice!

As marketers, you strive to make everything coming from your business sound as if it came from the same individual– a united voice. But reality may dictate someone from human resources wrote one asset and someone from sales wrote another. The final assets should be consistent in tone and personality without leaving your audience confused. Sometimes less-experienced writers throw in too much jargon in an effort to sound educated or industry-savvy. But plain and simple English wins over readers, even in explaining a complex process or technical application. That’s the job of a copywriter.

3. Because Most Marketing is Boring!

It’s hard to give all your messaging some zing that appeals to your audience. Fact is most marketing (especially in B2B) is just boring. Copywriters will strive for clear messaging with some creativity mixed in to get the user excited. Maybe they’ll use humor, a relevant cultural reference, an interesting use of terminology or a fun play on words. Copywriters are not just trying to be clever with their word choice. They’re trying to be authentic and interesting. Anything but boring. Because boring is like throwing your money away to create an asset that no one will read or care about.

4. Because Content Should be Purposeful!

What does that mean? Each marketing asset you create has purpose… to educate, to motivate, or to call to action. In order to serve that purpose well, the content must be user-centric, substance-rich and response-driven. Maybe one at a time or maybe all at once. That’s not an easy task. A lot of thought goes into choosing the right topic, best key-words, overcoming user objections, etc. The mix and tone of each asset will vary depending on type, which presents a complex roadmap skilled copywriters are trained to navigate.

5. Because SMEs Might Flop at Writing!

I know what you’re thinking: “No one understands our offering better than we do. Surely, we can write this with in-house expertise.” Many in-house teams have subject matter experts (SMEs) who are awesome content resources. But they’re not copywriters. Typically, they’re valuable senior staff members who have better demands on their time than copywriting. If you’re building an in-house team, hire subject matter expert roles. This may be a product marketing manager or senior sales or engineering role. These in-house experts become vital resources for your copywriter when developing specific marketing asset.

6. Because One Copywriter Doesn’t Fit All!

The knowledge of your subject matter expert will not change much (or only increase) over time, yet the copywriter skills you need for a specific marketing asset will vary greatly from asset to asset. So, one size (or type of copywriter) doesn’t fit all. Copywriters have many areas of expertise, like SEO, branding, social media, public relations, direct response, etc. The fact that there are so many specialties only goes to show you how valuable copywriting can be to your overall marketing efforts.

These are just some of the copywriting specialties you’ll likely need at some point:


  • Brand Voice, Product Naming
  • Website Copy, new or refresh
  • Content Strategy, Messaging Matrix/Content Pillars
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media

Marketing Lead Generation

  • Webinars, Title, Messaging, Decks
  • Campaign Creative
  • Emails
  • Brochures
  • Tradeshow Materials

Content Marketing

  • Blogs
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Infographics
  • ebooks
  • Thought Leadership
  • Landing Pages

Sales/Internal Messaging

  • Sales Tools
  • Persona Development
  • Culture Messaging, Recruiting

So, we’ve covered some very important reasons why copywriting is a skill set that shouldn’t be overlooked in your marketing development. In-house or out-of-house, a copywriter is an invaluable member of your marketing team. But wait….

Here’s Just One Reason Not to Hire A Copywriter!

Because there are so many types of copywriters and different expertise for each type of asset, it doesn’t make sense to try and hire for this role in-house. So, some marketers turn to agencies: like advertising agencies, PR agencies, digital marketing agencies or content marketing agencies. Trouble is, here too, these firms typically have their own expertise as the names imply. What you need is an extension of your in-house team that offers you the flexibility to pick and choose the copywriting expertise for each asset.

Creative (Copy) Thinking From Altima Creative 

Altima Creative is a team of creative thinkers: strategists, art directors, designers, videographers, and copywriters. We work for you. You dictate the engagement and scope, depending on your need.

Our specialties include asset development from presentation decks to data sheets to solution briefs. We help with the planning and branding, to the copywriting, design, and production of any and all of your marketing assets. We help you scale with brand management tools like brand style guides, asset libraries and templates. And using us helps you maximize your budget with asset creation bundling.

All that capability at your fingertips is like pushing an easy button to get things done quickly and consistently. And our dedication to your success keeps us on-task until you are completely satisfied with the result.

So, as you get ready to develop that next great marketing asset, don’t forget the impact a skilled copywriter can add. With Altima Creative you can rely on the right creative professional for the specific project you have in mind, including the specific copywriting expertise for your brand asset. And know that whatever it is you need to get done — design, copy, video, or production — with the help from your team here at Altima Creative, you’ve got this, because we’ve got your back.

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