Altima Creative is a creative agency based out of Santa Cruz, California. We are truly passionate about design and helping others be successful. We are friendly, easy going and great at listening to our clients’ needs and bringing their visions to life. We have years of experience working with diverse clientele from entrepreneurs and start-ups and to large tech companies in the Silicon Valley. Our broad experience has kept us on the cutting edge of the latest trends. We are able to apply our vast knowledge, top-notch quality and efficiency to every project. Our creative problem-solving skills will push your brand to the next level. 

Altima Creative is a full-service creative agency specializing in branding, including logo design, website design, email design, email signatures, banner ads for social media and google, infographics, ebooks, presentations, event branding, videos and digital marketing. We help brand and market businesses. If people already have businesses and they want to revamp their brand or create consistent brand assets, we can help with any part of the process. We offer bundled packages and ongoing support to help businesses succeed.


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What we do

Hello! I'm Tassa, the Founder and Creative Director at Altima Creative. I've always had a strong attention to detail, loved making things look good and helping others. My strong intuitive, listening and creative skills have made me a successful graphic designer and creative director, working with corporate clients in the high-tech industry for over 16 years. I enjoy helping people shine, whether it’s creating a new brand, revamping an existing brand or producing design assets within their current brand guidelines. I can help at any step of the process. I truly care about making people look good and succeeding with their goals.


Kat k, creative director

"I had the pleasure of working with Tassa from Altima Creative on and off over the past 20 years. Not only does Tassa have a great eye for design and conception, but she also shares a deep knowledge of brand identify. Tassa is very accommodating, patient and gives honest helpful feedback. She is one of those dedicated people that won't stop until her customers are 100% satisfied."

Scott S, Chiropractor

"I am confident with my business practices and general message, but Altima Creative knows just how to add the sizzle to make my ideas more attractive so they come to life. From creating content, adding flare with photos, to aligning various platforms with our online presence, this one-stop-shop can do it all and you’ll be happily surprised with their over-deliver approach."

Monica S, discoverHER.life

“Tassa is a true creative. She is dedicated and passionate to helping others. She brings in years of corporate branding experience into your small business. She has an eye for design and pays attention to every detail. Working with Tassa makes it easy and stress free to expand your business brand. She has the heart and the tools to ensure your success. ” 


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