Altima: What’s in the name? Everything.

I almost launched the company under the name Bayside Creative. That name drew inspiration from the cool waters of the Pacific and my home base in Santa Cruz, California. Back then, no one knew of the dream I was nurturing, an aspiration to build my own creative agency.

Then one night, I had a dream. I awoke confused. In this dream I had been diagnosed with something called ‘altima.’ ‘What’s altima?’ I worried. I looked up the meaning: Derived from the Latin word Atlus meaning ‘a higher power.’ When sharing the dream with a friend, she said with a grin of encouragement, “That would make a great name for a business.” She was right. I took it as a sign.

With 20 years of professional experience, I knew I had the passion and knowledge to lead a team of like-minded individuals. Together, we would create materials for industry-leading tech brands and other businesses, helping them tell their story from inception to execution. We took a leap of faith to forge a different path, and from there Altima Creative was born. With a new name and brand identity, the fear of launching subsided and everything changed.

The team at Altima Creative is now comprised of a team of unique designers, copywriters, video animator-editors and finance folks. In a hot job market, this group of talented employees chose to work here. Why? Because we embrace remote work, diversity, and creative expression. We enable personal growth and drive, conquering challenges as a collaborative team. Without each other, Altima Creative would still be an aspiration instead of an actual business.

I love watching the evolution of the creative process. I love providing work and support for our team of designers and copywriters. I love searching for something online and finding a Google banner ad that we designed pop up on my screen. I love making things look and work great.

But it takes more than a dream and a team… I cannot fail to mention our wonderful clients. Every time I hear a client refer to us as Altima Creative, I silently pinch myself as a reminder that this agency was manifested from a dream into reality.

Just the other day a client coined the phrase, “Give it some Altima Love.” Wow!

Together, with the support of our clients, we have created an entire design agency working from our homes (often wearing our Day J’s, not to be confused with PJ’s). Now the name Altima Creative embodies all of that. We are a tangible, thriving agency doing what we set out to do. Helping our customers with their marketing and branding efforts spanning across multiple mediums and channels. And we do this with care and passion.

So, what’s in a name? What is so special about brand identity? For Altima, everything.

To learn more about what Altima Creative can do to help you build and promote your brand identity reach out and follow along as we dig deeper into the importance of brand, visual identity, and great content.

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