To scale your in-house creative team, or hire an agency? Have you wrestled with this question?

It doesn’t have to be an either-or decision. At Altima Creative, we help organizations that don’t have any internal creatives on staff, but also those that do. Which model is best for you? 

Here are 5 benefits of hiring a creative agency (like us):


Don’t have in-house resources (either ‘at the moment’ or at all)? 
Then an agency may be right for you. We provide a team of creative professionals with specialty skills who can work on multiple types of projects. Let us do it all or supplement the skills of your in-house staff. We can help you develop and bundle multiple assets, say for a product launch, like a presentation deck, animated video, white paper, infographic, or social media. All from concept to delivery to your brand standards.


Is your marketing all starting to blur together?
In-house teams can get burned out and stuck. Our creative experts are comfortable working with top marketing teams in technology and cybersecurity among other industries. You’ll get innovative thinking that will kickstart any brainstorming session coupled with strategy and a solid knowledge base. Whether you need help making it over a specific creative hurdle or reaching the next level of company growth. We’ll work together to keep your creative fresh and on-brand.


Do you need it fast? Deadlines are a fact of life. 
Having the right agency on your side gives you the flexibility to scale workloads and resources to meet those inevitable demands. Like Goldilocks, you want an agency that is just the right size to be responsive and efficient, not slow you down. We have delivered 1,000s of top-notch projects over 20 years. We can keep the work moving to meet deadlines for product launches, tradeshows or events, sales quotas, and more. With your project on our plate, your productivity won’t skip a beat.


Need an expert or just a proofreader? We’ve got you covered.
Multiple eyes on your project will ensure accuracy. From spell-check to widows and double-checking every hyperlink. Unlike bot scrubbers, our experts look for simple human errors to save you from embarrassment or reproach. We provide you with a 10-thousand-foot perspective while also sifting through the weeds. Our quality control will protect your brand reputation.


Wondering if your budget can accommodate agency fees? Or can you afford to hire enough in-house staff to meet your demanding and flexible needs? Considering the total cost of recruiting and employing one experienced designer the comparative costs of an agency may surprise you. So, what about an entire team? With an agency like Altima Creative, you can enjoy a pay-as-you-go model. You pay only for the resources, assets, and time you need when you need them. But you still get the reliability of a team that knows your brand and works for you. This amounts to valuable savings in the long term.

So in-house or out? Whatever your creative needs, wherever you are in the development process, or how often your needs outweigh your in-house capabilities, it never hurts to have help on hand. 

At Altima Creative we take pride in being an extension of your team. Our designers, copywriters, videographers, and media creatives can extend your creative capacity to get work done.

That may be helping your internal designers with production work and churning out assets or working directly with your marketing team to bring their visions to life. Either way, Altima Creative is here for you.

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